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Personal Information

Techqueto DOES NOT give out your personal information in any circumstances unless you provide consent towards the same.

Personal Information provided by you is used only:

  • To modify your use of the website
  • To reciprocate to all your concerns and queries and to address al your request regarding different types of services we offer
  • To give you different information about the company's products and services and to give out different materials and offers from the company
  • To inform you regarding different information related to the website, changes in company policies and other miscellaneous information;
  • To carry out different surveys and make all communications regarding marketing that the Company believes may be of your interest;
  • To customize and enhance your website experience.
  • To fulfill your purchase request during any order placed by you on our website;
  • To monitor different product downloads;
  • To carry out different data analysis and make internal reviews of the website.
  • To enhance the quality of services, content on the website.
  • To keep and maintain the integrity of the website.


Your personal information is very important to the company. Therefore you have safeguarded all our physical, administrative and technical platform with unauthorized access. We also maintain standard company protocols while carrying out transmissions of critical data. In an event of any unauthorized use of your personal information, we will inform you via fax or email and resolve the issue as early as possible.


The company at times uses different third parties to administer advertisements on our website and portals. We will guarantee that none of your private information will be leaked in the process. However, profiles will be aggregated based on the user's relevance. Some banner might contain embedded pixels, but it is not associated with any cookie or personal information.

User Discretion

It's completely your choice if you don't want to provide us with certain information, on the event of which, you will just have to fill out the mandatory fields. If you don't do that, you will not be able to avail those services, features or contents.

You can update your personal information as frequently as you want. We will keep a copy of the updated information as a record.

The company can also send you direct advertisements at the address. You can opt out this option if you want. The company will completely take care of your privacy. So if you don't want to receive certain information, you can mail us at or have any grievances to share, please report to

Important Disclaimer

Even though the company is responsible for the full security of your personal information, but we still request you to be careful with all the critical information that you are sharing. Do not share any information in any third party websites to claim to be related to Company. In such an event the company will take no responsibility for your own negligence or misconduct with the company

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